Sunday, 2 July 2017

June round up 2017

Hi everyone,

So I am very proud of myself as I am actually getting a round up post up. I am going to start as I mean to go on and try and get one of these up for every month.

What's happened in June?

  • Darcie turned 6 months old (where has the time gone?!) I am thinking about doing an update post on 'Darcie at 6 months' as a lot has happed. If you follow my Instagram you may have seen my stories, we have started to wean Darcie. She is doing really well with it, I won't go into to much detail and I'll save it for the 'Darcie at 6 months' post.
  • We went to Hampton Court Palace. We had an amazing time! I am already thinking about planning another trip there. Darcie enjoyed it too, not just because it was somewhere new but because of how much attention she received. From students on an educational trip, people who had just come out for a day out and even the workers there, no word of a lie must have had about 20+ people either stop to say how lovely she was or walk past and say 'how gorgeous!'.
  • I had my braces tightened. I have never really spoken about my braces and what work I have had done, maybe this is for another post as well.
  • We took Darcie to soft play for the first time. We went with one of my friends and her little one. Darcie really enjoyed herself.
  • Aron's parents visited! We had a lovely day with them.
  • We have been busy gathering a few more bits for Darcie's Christening. We are almost there now with gathering bit and pieces for her.

Food favourites:

First up, Milky way crispy rolls. I love these! I love Milky Way chocolate. I haven't had these in ages and I found these in Iceland for £1. That's when I rekindled my love for them. I have to stop myself from eating the whole box of these. I love how they are crispy but have that really smooth centre.

Another Milky Way product. These are a favourite of mine full stop. I love Magic Stars! I don't know what it is about these start shaped chocolates, but I always want more! I picked these up in Tesco on deal for £1 (usually £1.50).

Last food favourites that I don't actually have pictures for are Tesco Finest Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes (£1.50) and Tesco Sweet Mini Peppers (£1.25). With the weather we have been having as they are both lovely additions to a salad.

Makeup and Skincare products:

I wrote a little about these in my May Dollibox* post. These wipes still haven't let me down. These still leave my skin feeling super soft and are great at removing makeup. You can buy the on the Seacret website for £19.95.

Last up in my in my makeup and skincare favourites for the month is the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Evertone Suncare lotion. I received this in my June Dollibox*. Just the smell of this product is enough to win me over! When I applied this to my skin it dried really quickly and it left my skin feeling lovely and soft. You can find out where to buy this on the Palmer's website (RRP £9.99).

Darcie's favourites:

I love this cute floral smock dress from M&Co. This dress is size 3-6 months and is £18.00. This dress was Darcie's Easter present from my Grandma. It comes with a beautiful little pair of matching knickers. Darcie wore this on our trip to Hampton Court Palace.

On the peter pan collar there is some beautiful floral embroidery. I also love the little broderie anglaise sleeves. I want to buy this dress in 18/24 months (which would be £20) ready for next summer in case they don't have it in again. It suits Darcie perfectly! 

Another clothing item. I adore this little Spanish wear romper suit! You may have seen that I picked this up on a Facebook selling page in my post 'Darcie's wardrobe: 3-6 months'. This was a great find as this really suited Darcie! She looked unbelievably cute in this! This little romper has been perfect for the hot weather we have been having, it kept her lovely and cool.

These little pink baby pods have been a firm favourite of mine since we first got them when Darcie was about 3 months. Sadly, Darcie has just grown out of them and I am really sad. I see these as her first pair of shoes and now my baby is getting bigger. You can find these on Ebay.

This is a life saver! This dummy clip has helped no ends! We attach this to her pram when we are off out, meaning we don't loose dummies any more. It's so pretty and they come in all different colours and styles. For more information contact allthingshandmade24 on Instagram.

I adore this sleepsuit from Asda! This pattern suits Darcie so well! I search high and low for this particular sleepsuit as it is no longer available. They also do a vest in this pattern too. It reminds me so much of Cath Kidston.

TV, Film and Netflix:

Both of my favourites are from Netflix. First up is Hell's Kitchen. My boyfriend and I have enjoyed watching this in the evening, I believe we are on season 11. We both feel like we actually know the contestants which makes it all the more tense when it comes to elimination.

Saving the best until last for this month and that is Reign! I love Reign! It is based on Mary Queen of Scots, Adelaide Kane who plays Mary is fantastic! Of course all of the other actors and actresses are too. I haven't got to the end of Reign yet, so if you watch it please no spoilers! I am so sad that there will be no more episodes though.

What have been your favourite things in June?

Tasha x


  1. These are some great favourites, and Milky Way crispy rolls sound absolutely delicious! I haven't had them since I was a child x

  2. Love all the favorites! I can't believe you watch Reign as well - I find very few people who watch it! I'm half way through the second season right now. :) Has it been canceled though?!

  3. Haven't had crispy rolls in so long!!

  4. The little dress from Darcie's great grandma is so gorgeous- not surprised she got so many compliments at Hampton Court!

  5. Good round up! Magic stars are delicious.

    Emma x

  6. I've always wanted to go to Hampton Court Palace. Are you going to do a blog post about your visit? I'd love to read one, if so. x

  7. Love this post! Been considering doing a roundup over on my blog as I think they are great to look back on! Also, I'm obsessing over magic stars at the moment haha!
    Sophie X

  8. That is such a pretty smock dress! I also love Reign too, so sad they cancelled it though! x

  9. I loveeeeee crispy rolls!

  10. I've always wanted to get braces because I don't like my teeth, but after having a consultation I discovered that I cannot afford them currently. :(

    Those Crispy Rolls look really good. We do not have them here in the U.S.

  11. I have't had crispy rolls in so long! I use to love them!

  12. Loving your favorites, especially the crispy rolls!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  13. Milky Way rolls are my fave haha! They're so hard to find now though.

    Terri x

  14. crispy rolls are my fav but they are sooo addictive! love the clothes to they are super cute

  15. Lovely post! I wanna get braces & Hampton court palace is a great day out xx

  16. Love these little catch up posts. It's great to hear how you and Darcie are doing as well as your fav products.

  17. Loving the style of this post and the roundup section a lot :) Love the fact that Crispy Rolls got a mention....super yummy! Also, all of Darcie's clothes makes me wish I was young again haha.

    Steph xx

  18. Omg I didn't know palmers do sun lotion, will need to give that one a try! Also your food faves are spot on hehe

  19. Darcie's 6 months old already?! Wow, that is amazing. :) Love her cute clothes and accessories. xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  20. I love monthly round up posts! And those crispy rolls are to die for 😍😍