Monday, 20 March 2017

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2017: Last Minute Gifts with Baylis & Harding*

Hi everyone,

Mother's Day is approaching quickly and is this Sunday! It will also be my first Mother's Day as a Mummy myself! So, I thought it would be fitting to do a mothers day gift guide featuring Baylis & Harding!

Baylis & Harding are a brand I have known for years and quite often a brand I would gift to my own Mum. The gifts they bring out are affordable and have that luxury feel and quality to them, just what any Mum needs!

I was lucky enough to be sent one of their products to review. The set I recieved was the Pink Prosecco and Cassis Luxury foot set.

Pink Prosecco & Cassis Luxury Foot Set
The first thing I said when I opened the parcel was 'FLUFFY SOCKS!' and to my disappointment my Mum who watched me open the parcel also had her eye on the socks. So Baylis and Harding are on to a winner there with me and my Mum and that's just with the socks. (Also cheap Mother's Day for me a pair of fluffy socks and Mum's happy! Only joking, I won't just buy my mum socks.)

Here's what you get in the set:

Fluffy socks, Foot lotion, foot soak crystals
White fluffy socks, Soothing foot lotion and Foot soak crystals
First I put about half the packet (packet contains 25g of crystals) of foot soak crystals (as I only have little feet) into a bowl of warm water and for about 15 minutes I just sat there completely indulged. It was so nice to just sit and relax for a little while and take a load off my feet.

After I had dried my feet I took a bit of the foot lotion and began to rub it into my feet. You get a 50ml tube and you only need a bit as a little goes a long way! The first reaction I had to the lotion was the smell! It smells heavenly! It's a fruity and sweet scent but not over powering. My Mum is yet to smell this as I am worried that once she smells it, I won't get it back. The lotion itself is beautifully smooth and sinks into your skin like a dream! They definitely got the name of the set right, it definitely feels luxury! My feet feel amazingly smooth and soft.

After, I put the fluffy socks on and they are super soft! They topped of my pampering session well! As I mentioned above it was nice to take a little me time and pamper myself, so thank you for this treat Baylis & Harding!

Pink Prosecco, Cassis fragrance, scent

You can buy this set on Amazon. (RRP £8)

Other products in the Baylis & Harding range ideal for Mum:

Pink Prosecco & Cassis Wick Candle in a Glass Cloche, available from Tesco
(RRP: £15)

La maison Linen Rose & Cotton Heart Gift Box, available at Morrisons
(RRP £10)

Linen Rose & Cotton Bathing Essential Tin available at Argos 
(RRP: £30)

Linen Rose & Cotton Large Single Wick Candle, available from the House of Fraser 
(RRP £15)

Linen Rose & Cotton Luxury Shower Crème, available from the House of Fraser
(RRP: £12)

Linen Rose & Cotton Set of 3 Candles, available from Debenhams or Argos
(RRP £20)

Pink Prosecco & Cassis Fragrance Diffuser, available from Asda or Amazon
(RRP: £15)

Don't forget Mother's Day is this Sunday the 26th! What will you be doing?

Tasha x

*I received this item in return for a fair and honest review*


  1. I have heard such great things abiut the Prosecco set. I am caring for my nana so I am going to surprise her with lush bath bombs as its something she has never experienced. I have arranges my mums bf to take her out as I wont be with her x
    Lola Mia //

  2. This sounds like the perfect gift! And who doesn't love socks? Still annoyed I didn't get any new socks for Christmas!

  3. This set definitely makes for a perfect Mother's Day gift! I love all the items in it and the packaging is gorgeous too! My mum would love it ^_^ xo

  4. How exciting that you will be a mummy this mother days! X

  5. The prosecco and cassis products sound incredible! Something I would buy myself haha. I've tried a few Baylis and Harding products in the past and always been impressed. They do some really lovely gifts x

    Tiffany x

  6. The products look very nice. I would consider getting some of these for myself to.

  7. These are super cute gift ideas. I am still trying to figure out my mom's mother's day gift for sure.

    Jordan K.

  8. Everything is pink! Did you do that on purpose? haha

  9. Ooo these are great ideas! I love the heart box!

  10. Great ideas! Makes me think about getting decent gifts this year! Thanks for sharing :)


  11. Baylis and Harding are great for gifts, this set sounds fab!

  12. I have those socks myself and they are so snuggly and comfy ❤️

  13. Awww, these are all very cute and luxe! :) x

    ♥ Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  14. Ooh those fluffy socks look amazing !!! 😍

  15. I LOVE fluffy socks- actually that's quite a good gift idea for my own mum haha. I loved this review and I hope you have a fab Mother's Day x

  16. Oooh these are all super cute gift ideas, have a few more ideas over how to treat my mum now!!

  17. Fabulous post, darling!

    My mum's birthday was yesterday and Mother's Day is on Sunday. I've got 2 occasions to spoil my mum this month so this post was a great read for me!

    Keep up the great work!
    Charlene McElhinney :)

  18. I feel terrible and like the worst daughter ver every time I read a guide coz I haven't got anything. And then I remember that my mum lives in France where mother's day is in May so I have so much time ahah! Your guide is amazing! I love the pink prosecco candle! My mum loves candles so it could defo be a gift! xx Corinne

  19. This set looks absolutely amazing and sounds like something a mum would definitely like to receive for Mother's Day! I hope that your first one as a mum is beyond special x

  20. These products look amazing and I also love the packaging. I'm sure that a lot of mothers would love to receive this :)


  21. I always love buying babyliss & harding stuff at christmas! They do perfect little gift sets. I've only just discovered their candle range last week but the all smell lovely! Those socks sounds lovely, can't beat a good pair of fluffy socks!

    Jordanne ||

  22. My mum loves Baylis and Harding so this will be right up her street!

    Holly x

  23. can't beat baylis and harding when it comes to buying gifts!

  24. These adorable! I hope you had a nice mothers day. I love the tin. xx