Thursday, 31 August 2017

Keep on giving

Hi everyone,

I was recently asked the question 'what causes are close to your heart?' and it got my thinking. I am happy to be writing this post as I feel giving back is important and ways we can do this is by going to local events set up to support charities close to us (or just ones we like to support).

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What causes are meaningful to me?

To start with anything to with children. As a childcare professional and a Mum myself, I always donate to children's charities.

Secondly, anything to do with the elderly. Alzheimer's, dementia, just anything to support the elderly really.

Another is anything to do with animals. I will always donate to animal charities. As an example I used to sponsor a dog with Dog's Trust. It happened to be a birthday present to me as its what I wanted for my birthday.

I will also always donate to Help for Hero's and similar charities.

To be honest, I always donate to any charity no matter what they are raising money or awareness for. Even if I donate a penny or fifty pence I know that I have put something towards helping someone out there. It makes me feel like I have done something good and makes me feel a whole lot better, especially if I am having a bit of a rubbish day. There are so many charities I haven't mentioned above.

What causes are meaningful to my family?

To be honest the same as me. We donate wherever and whenever we can. I don't want to go into to much detail as I haven't asked my family if it is okay to write about who they donate to. I feel its personal and they may not want to talk about it and for that reason, they wouldn't want it going online.

What fundraising events have I attended?

I know I have attended many, but I cant remember every single one. One big one that I know a lot of people will know are the Macmillan coffee mornings. I always try to attend one and we used to hold one where I used to work. I have been to firework nights where they have been donating money to particular charities. In school we would host events for Red Nose Day, Sport relief and Children in Need.

What would I like to get more involved with?

I would love to do the race for life! I have always wanted to get involved with that. I would also like to hold my own events, like the Macmillan coffee mornings. I would also love to do something for Children in Need, you know when you see the people on TV holding the check with a great some of money? I would love for that to be me one day.

How you can get involved:

There are so many ways for you to get involved. At the supermarket entrances, at the end of a checkout, in the middle of your town centre you'll see people holding little pots. You can put your loose change in them. Or if your not out and about and would like to do something now, you can go online and donate on their official websites. You can host your own event or pop along to someone else's. You can even go along to the big events like Race for Life. This is where Eventbrite makes it easy. Search your town under charities and causes, all of the events you can attend are all in one place and you can buy your ticket there and then (some are even free!). Here are a few I have found that sound good to me in any area in the UK:

Bubble 5k- Northampton 2017

Wigan and Leigh 5k Colour Run

We're Going on a bear Hunt- Walberton

The Colour Fun Run 2017- Bristol

Open to All 5k Midnight Walk 2017- Glasgow

Tasha x

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Cosmetics Comapny Store- MAC Haul

Hi everyone,

I had recently popped down to Gunwharf Quays. I had seen they had an outlet store called The Cosmetics Company Store. They sell brand such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, MAC, Elizabeth Ardan, Stila and many more. Of course on my visit down there I had to pick up a couple of things. This time I picked up all MAC items.

trolls, mariah carey, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow

The first thing I picked up was a lipstick and this is in the shade 'Pink, you think?'

lipstick, MAC lipstick

I was really hoping to pick up a lipstick in there and when I found this one I was so drawn to the vibrant colour. On the label on the box this has an RRP of £16.50 and I picked this up for £11.75.

MAC lipstick

The next thing I picked up was a Trolls eyeshadow in 'Black Tied'.

black tied, MAC

eyeshadow, makeup, MAC

I don't really have a reason behind buying this other than the fact I wanted something from the Trolls collection and I love how sparkly it is. This had an RRP of £14 and I picked it up for £10.

MAC Trolls eyeshadow

The last thing I picked up from The Cosmetics Company Store was a MAC Mariah Carey blush in 'You've got me feeling'.


Again no I have no particular reason for buying this, I didn't really need another blusher. However, I did need the sparkly packaging! Come to think of it now though, I will probably end up wearing this to Darcie's christening. This had an RRP of £20 and I got it for £14.

MAC blush, Mariah Carey

I can't wait to go back to into The Cosmetic Company Store and see what other goodies I can pick up.

Tasha x

Friday, 11 August 2017

Best Hair Store hair extensions review*

Hi everyone,

I was sent some hair extensions from 'Best Hair Store'.

One thing I will say about these extensions is that they came very well packaged. The came in a box and the hair extensions themselves were in a lovely protective bag. The extensions themselves clipped at the top to keep them in place. The extensions I choose were 20 inch straight hair clip in extensions in piano #10/613 extensions. They looked lovely on the model on the website. These extensions are made with 100% human hair. I like the fact that they are made with human hair so you can style them in anyway you want by either curling them or straightening them. Also, the hair is virgin hair which means the hair has not been chemically treated in anyway.

I also like the fact that they provide combs to help care for the extensions. I also love the addition of the false lashes too.

I love the colour of these extensions. The sad thing about them however is, they don't suit my hair. They just didn't blend with my hair at all. I am really sad about this. I am actually late with putting this review up because I tried so hard to do everything I could to make them work, but nothing I could did. I have always said I would be honest with telling you what I think. This doesn't mean to say I don't think they are good quality extensions, because I do think they are. It is just a shame that I can't wear them.

I also love the clips on the extensions, they are really easy to pop in your hair. I also love the fact that there is a rubber grip at the bottom of the clip, which will help to prevent them from slipping.

I would love to try another set from Best Hair Store as I would love to show you photos of me wearing a set of them. Not only that, I am desperately trying to find a pair of extensions. I would have loved to have worn these to my daughters Christening next weekend. I don't just want them for the length but to make my hair look a bit thicker and to give me a bit more confidence. My extensions came from the 130g clip in extensions section of their store, where there are loads of other colours to choose from. They also do 100g and 120g clip in extensions. They also sell tape in extensions and micro ring extensions. Their website is easy to navigate around and it is easy to find what you are looking for. You can even chat live to someone, which is maybe what I should have done.

Do you wear extensions? If so where are yours from?

Tasha x

*This product was sent to me in return for an honest review*