About Me

Hi my name is Natasha or Tasha for short.

picture of me

I'm 22, living in South East England. I am Mummy to my gorgeous little girl Darcie who was born on 13th December 2016.

I am a big fan of make-up and fashion. I have quite a big collection of both. If there's something new on the market I'm all over it and out to get it.

I've been into make-up and fashion from a young age. I would always be making over my Mum or Nanna/Grandma. I would stand there doing their hair and make-up until my little heart was content. They'd always end up looking like something out of a horror film, but we all have to start somewhere. Also, when any of my parents or grandparents brought me new clothes, I'd have to perform a fashion show for them. So this is where my passion for make-up and love of clothes began.

As I mentioned above I became a Mummy to my daughter Darcie in December 2016. Having her around is the best thing ever! To me she is the most beautiful little girl in the world and can light up any room in a heartbeat. Since then I have been adding a parenting aspect to my blog. I thought it would be nice for anyone who wants to come on my little family's journey and to watch Darcie grow. I dare say in the future we will add a couple more additions to our family, but for now it's Darcie, my boyfriend Aron and myself.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, just as much as I love writing it.

Tasha x


  1. I've scrolled through a bit of your blog and I definitely see your passion for all things fashion and make-up.

    It's lovely that you combine parenting with it all!


  2. We find your blog creative and interesting. You might be interested to collaborate with us of what we can do and offer. Hmm what do you think?