Sunday, 10 June 2018

Suffolkbaby_littlelulu nappy bag review*

Hello my lovelies!

How are we all? I'm a little tired as we spent most of yesterday in the children's ED with Darcie as she has severe tonsillitis. I can't believe she is almost 18 months! Where does time go?! I'm thinking of doing an 18 month update soon on the blog. Anyway...

Today's post is on a lovely Instagram account @suffolkbaby_littlelulu, who kindly sent me one of her handmade nappy bags to try out. I love buying handmade items and supporting small businesses. It feels really good knowing you are supporting someone and their dream. I can imagine the feeling they get when someone pays interest into what they make or purchases something is something similar to when someone views one of my blog posts, comments or shares a post. It means so much.

little angels nappies, nappy, flatlay

@suffolkbaby_littlelulu not only hand makes and sells nappy bags but also leggings. Both have an RRP of £10.

The leggings are made with jersey cotton and the two designs which are pictured below (photos of leggings provided by @suffolkbaby_littlelulu)are both unisex. The leggings are currently available in 0-3 months. The size range will be expanding soon, however, look out for more exciting clothing lines being added to @suffolkbaby_littlelulu. I love the patterns of these leggings, I think they would look super cute on teeny little legs.

I love the idea of a nappy bag. Many Mum's and Dad's (like myself and my partner) don't bother to take our stuff (keys, purse, wallet etc.) in a bag of our own, we just use the changing bag to put them in. (Just for reference we use the Cath Kidston Prancing Ponies Kids Backpack as Darcie's changing bag, which also doubles up nicely as her nursery bag.) There's no point in creating more work for yourself if you don't need to. But, with this comes a bit of a jumble. If your in a rush paying for something, things can be hard to find. Or, when you need to move away quickly after paying for something, purses/wallets just get chucked in the bag causing nappy crumple and I have to admit I'm not the biggest fun of nappy crumple. This is where your @suffolkbaby_littlelulu nappy bag comes into play.

The beauty of it is it keeps all your nappies you are taking out with you in one easy, handy to get to place and no nappy crumple! We went for a lovely day out to the seaside and I managed to fit 6 nappies in with no problem. As a guide I use ASDA Little Angels size 4 Comfort & Protect nappies for Darcie and they work a treat for us (please remember what nappies work well or suit one child might not for another) we very rarely buy any other nappies unless for some reason we can't do an ASDA shop, which is hardly ever.

little angels nappies, nappy, flatlay

The nappy bags are made with 100% cotton, polycotton and canvas. The one I received has a tie to fasten the nappy bag, but recently they have changed the way they fasten to a button and elastic. This means you can easily open the bag with one hand. Little lu lu have a variety of different fabrics for you to choose from, so there is something to suit everyone's style. The photo below shows a handful of different fabrics they have to offer (thank you providing the photos @suffolkbaby_littlelulu).

Each nappy bag comes with a personal hand written note, which I think is such a lovely touch. Each item you but even has the cute 'Little lu lu' tag on to which I think makes for that special 'made with love' 'I'm proud of what I sell' touch.


These make a lovely addition to any changing bag and are a huge help for organisation! You can buy these by messaging @suffolkbaby_littlelulu on Instagram.

Tasha x