Tuesday, 27 June 2017

I'm washing my hands with it*

Hi everyone,

'What am I washing my hands with?' I hear you ask. Baylis & Harding hand wash!

Baylis & Harding kindly sent me a couple of their hand washes to try out. I was so pleased about this as I have been meaning to pick one up to try out for some time now. I only have one problem, why did I not just pick these up to try?!

Jamsine & apple blossom, Sweet mandarin & grapefruit, clensing, anti-bacterial, refreshing

The packaging is perfect! There is no unnecessary packaging, the bottles are perfectly rounded and sturdy. The pumps lock and unlock and I love the silver neck of the pumps. I love how the simple designs are on the bottles. The designs are the same or vary slightly on a couple of the scents, the Baylis & Harding logo is so bold you don't have to second guess yourself at a quick glance that it is a Baylis & Harding hand wash you are buying.

The first scent I tried out was 'sweet mandarin & grapefruit'. I am really into citrus scents at the moment, so this is perfect for me. I find that the balance between the sweet mandarin and grapefruit is just right. The fragrance isn't overpowering either. It is something you can use and it will stay on your hands for some time. It's not however, one of those unbearable scents that you wish would just go, it's light and refreshing. As for the consistency of the hand wash it's not thick and its not too runny. I don't really like thick hand washes as I feel like I use more than I should.

The next fragrance I received was 'jasmine & apple blossom'. I've never really had a hand wash in this sort of scent before. They are always either original scents, citrus or unusual scents, so it was nice to have a change of fragrance. This hand wash has 'added moisturisers' and honestly, I can tell! my hands still feel super soft about 2 to 3 hours later. I have to be really careful with what I use on my hands as they tend to flare up in a rash and can become dry and my skin can split easy. I had no problem using both of these on my hands. This particular hand wash though, has left my hands feeling better than ever, so I will be buying the 'jasmine & apple blossom' hand wash for myself!

My overall verdict, I will defiantly be buying these for myself! I had a browse on Amazon where you can buy the 'sweet mandarin & grapefruit' and 'jasmine & apple blossom' hand washes and I love the sound of all of the fragrances. I particularly want to try 'eucalyptus & mint' because how refreshing and invigorating does this sound?! Also, I would like to try the 'jojoba, silk & almond oil' as this just sounds so luxurious.

Jamsine & apple blossom, Sweet mandarin & grapefruit, clensing, anti-bacterial, refreshing

Which hand wash would you like to try?

Tasha x

*I received these products in return for a fair and honest review*

Monday, 19 June 2017

Dollibox June 2017*

Hi everyone,

As I said in my last post the June 2017 Dollibox would be coming up. I am really impressed with this months box and I am really excited to show you what I received in there!

If you are interested in a Dollibox subscription they are either £10 for a pay-as-you-go monthly plan, £28.50 for a 3 month plan, £54 for a 6 month plan or £102 for a 12 month plan.

June dollibox 2017

Seacret Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask & a nail file: There is nothing better then getting a couple of added extras! I love the touch of a little sample and adding a nail file. It's such a lovely touch. For a full sized Seacret mud mask it is £79.99!

Seacret Mud Mask & nail file dollibox

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Evertone Suncare SPF 30: Discovering Palmer's now make sun lotion, my mind was blown! If you read my May Dollibox post, you will know just how much I love Palmer's! This Suncream contains effective UVA/UVB filters. Not only that but it contains rich, natural moisturisers. These are cocoa butter, Shea butter and coconut oil. Perfect for helping to make your skin look youthful whilst guarding against those harmful rays. This is one of the first thing I tried out (due to all of the sun we've been having). It smells amazing and is super quick at drying. I wasn't left with greasy looking skin or white streaks from the lotion on my skin. Palmer's never fails me and this has met my expectations for Palmer's. This has an RRP of £9.99 and you can find plaves to buy on the Palmer's website.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Evertone Suncare SPF 30 Dollibox

Seacret Hand Cream: I wasn't left disappointed with the Seacret makeup remover wipes last time so, I was really excited to try this. I am a huge Aveeno fan and nothing has come close to helping soothe my hands, until this. It contains Dead Sea minerals, Orange oil, Sunflower oil, Cocoa butter, Shea butter and vitamins A&E. All of these either help to look after skin, boost healthy looking skin and provide a long lasting moisture. This is a 25 ml travel sized tube and I think this will last me quite some time. You only need a little to massage into your hands. It dried almost instantly on my hands. The hand cream feels so luxurious. For a 150ml tube it has an RRP of £29.99, you can purchase from the Seacret website.

Seacret Hand Cream dollibox

Wax Melt Bakery- Wax melt: I received the scent 'Sugared Donuts'. Sadly, I can't comment much on this as I don't actually own anything to burn a wax melt. However, the smell of the wax melt itself is amazing. It's sweet but not overpowering. I can only imagine what it will be like to use it properly. These have an RRP of £1.30 and you can find Wax Melt Bakery on Etsy.

Pura Cosmetics Lip Balm: I love a lip balm! I have a huge lip balm collection, yet I continue to buy more, this was another product I was excited to try. The formula is a little different to other products I have tried. However, I love the smell of it! The lip balm is 100% cruelty free and is made from natural ingredients. The little pot is a convenient size and is perfect for popping in your handbag or makeup bag (or if your me, your baby's changing bag). These have an RRP of £2.50 and you an find them on the Pura website. (After finding the link I know have my eye on a number of other items.)

Popfeel Concealer: I received shade FA04. This shade is a bit dark for me to use to cover any skin imperfections; I would however, give this a go as a eyeshadow primer. It's super easy to use and I would love to see if they have one to fit my skin properly. They have 11 shades including a green and purple! These have an RRP of £2.79 I can't find them on their website but I will leave a link to the Popfeel website.

Pro-Range Mermaid Makeup Brushes: This is a definite favourite of mine in the June box. This brush is so beautiful! I honestly want the whole set! The card I was given doesn't tell me where they are from, I have found a set off of light in the box that are very similar. You can thank me later.

What's your favourite thing from the June Dollibox?

Tasha x

*I received a discount on this product in return for a fair and honest review*

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Dollibox May 2017*

Hi everyone,

I'm a bit late with this one but I still want to write a review on this before I pop my June Dollibox up. For this reason I am going to try and keep this short and sweet.

This was my first Dollibox and my first ever subscription box. I have to say I am really impressed with Dollibox and the service they give. If you are interested in a Dollibox subscription they are either £10 for a pay-as-you-go monthly plan, £28.50 for a 3 month plan, £54 for a 6 month pan or £102 for a 12 month plan.

Cougar rich honey moisturiser: I really like this! I am really quite fussy on moisturisers but this is something I could get along with. Honey is a natural antiseptic, this means it can heal slight skin irritations and blemishes. Some modern treatments can dry the skin in the process, so this makes the rich honey moisturiser great for dry and sensitive skin.

Deborella Mermaid Necklace: This is a Dollibox exclusive! This necklace is one way to channel your inner mermaid. Deborella is a new company who mostly make lasercut jewellery and stationary. I have had a browse on their website and there are quite a few bits I would love to buy for myself.

Focallure Face Blush: I received the shade B05|fetching. I love the blush itself and how pigmented it is. I am just worried that the shade is a little dark for me. I think this is a shade my Mum would make good use of. I'm definitely going to give it a go though to see if I can work it. I have seen a shade I really like and that is B10|fearless. You can find more products here.

Leopard cat eyebrow palette: I think the packaging of the Clever cat leopard is great! I love the fact it's gold and leopard print. I have written a review that you can read here. I would love to try this in a different colour as number 5 is too dark for me. You can buy this eyebrow powder off of Light in the box.

Seacret makeup removing wipes: I LOVE these wipes! They are a little pricey at £19.95, however, I really do like these. They are oil-based and even though my t-zone has a tendency to be quite oily, I have no complaints. The one thing I love most about these wipes is the fact they leave m skin incredibly soft! When I received this box my Mum was very intrigued to see what was inside. These were one of the things she picked up and immediately tried. She was so impressed with them too and kept on about how much she liked them, nice try Mum but they're mine. A nice little extra present for her birthday I think. You can buy these from the Seacret website.

Palmers coconut oil conditioning protein pack: I am a long time lover of Palmers! I love their body butter and I am shocked I haven't seen, heard or tried this. I am waiting for the prime opportunity to use this for some proper Mummy pamper time. You can find out more about the Palmers coconut oil conditioning protein pack here and there is a list of where you can pick one up on the 'where to buy' section.

Which product would you like to try?

Tasha x

*I received a discount on my subscription box in return for a fair and honest review*

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Using The Body Source Argan Oil for stretch marks*

Hi everyone,

I have teamed up with 'The Body Source' to bring you one tip on Argan oil. This tip is on helping prevent and fading your stretch marks.

I am a mummy and during pregnancy I gained quite a few stretch marks. Obviously, you don't have to be a mummy to gain stretch marks as anyone can get them. This however, is a nice tip for expecting mummies'.

This tip works best for preventing stretch marks. It is best to try and prevent stretch marks rather than trying to get rid of them once they are there. As Argan Oil contains vitamin E it is perfect to help with stretch marks. Vitamin E is great for helping with marks and scars on your skin.

As a Mum-to-be, when stretch marks are starting to make an appearance that's when the Argan oil should too. Pop a couple of drops into the palm of your hand (a little goes a long way) and massage into the area where the stretch marks are beginning to show. Trust me when I say, take time to do this. Not only will it help prevent stretch marks but it also means you getting some pamper time. Pamper time can be hard to come by when your baby is here so make the most of it while you can. My stretch marks were all round the front of my tummy. I carried all to the front and my skin isn't very elasticated.

Already a Mummy and have unwanted stretch marks? You can do the same. Take 5 minutes to have some 'me time'. Take time to massage a couple of drops into the areas with stretch marks to help reduce the appearance.

Both of the tips above I would recommend trying to do these a couple of times a day.

One thing I do want all of the Mum's out there to remember is, embrace yourself! We're all in the same boat so there is no need to worry! Some people are lucky during pregnancy and don't get stretch marks but it affects more women than you think. Just remember your body is or has been the home to your little bundle of joy for around 9 months. I see mine as a reminder of what our bodies are capable of and I made my beautiful baby girl.

If you would like to buy The Body Source Argan Oil, you can use code: lovearganoil20TT for 20% off! Also, The Body Source Argan Oil is ethically sourced in Morocco and it is not tested on animals. I loved trying this, it's quick drying and it isn't greasy. I love the little pipette it comes with which makes it easy to dispense just how much you want. Argan Oil can be used for many more things other than stretch marks. I am excited to try this on my hair.

What tip would you give on using Argan oil?

Tasha x

*I receive this product in return for a fair and honest review*

Monday, 12 June 2017

Everything Daddy needs in the Ultimate Men's Kit by Baylis & Harding*

Hi everyone,

Father's Days is just around the corner and you may be wondering 'what should gift do I get?' If my partner is anything to go by, this could be difficult. He is so fussy! He doesn't like this and he doesn't like that. That problem is resolved for me with the 'Ultimate Men's Kit' from Baylis & Harding. I handed this one over to my partner as he know's best when it comes to men's products. The products are all 'citrus lime and mint' scented.

Here is what is in the Baylis & Harding 'Ultimate Men's Kit':

Shower gel: We both loved this. The scent is perfect! It's so refreshing and still holds a manly scent to it. We both thought the packaging of this was well designed and we loved the colour scheme. It has an easy screw cap. It's the perfect size for travelling with and contains 130ml of product.

Hair and body wash: This is a big hit with my partner. He has thick hair and lots of it too. This is great for him as it is an all in one product. He loves the scent as well so to have it for his hair as well as a body wash, it gets 100+ points from him. Again we love the colour scheme, I personally love how bright the bottle is. Again, this has a screw cap but at the top this time and it's not difficult to get the product out of the bottle. Scent wise, it's nice that the scent doesn't differ from the shower gel and still holds that refreshing but manly scent. You get 300ml in the bottle.

Aftershave Balm: Another hit with my boyfriend. I constantly moan about him shaving his beard off. Literally from the moment that bit of stubble starts appearing, it needs to come off! My face is so sensitive so I only need to be caught with a little bit of his beard and that's me out in a rash. Again, the scent carries from the two above products and i personally think its a little stronger. I like this as it means after shaving, his face will smell really nice and possibly linger for longer. The packaging has the screw cap at the bottom and the product is easy to squeeze out. The tube is also handy for travel and contains 130ml.

Cleansing soap: My partner is looking forward to using this. He very rarely bothers with buying things like this unless they are gifted to him. We were both so impressed that the scent didn't very from product to product and it stayed consistent. You get 150g of product with the soap and i think this will last quite a while. I love the fact it comes in it's own little box.

Toiletry bag: Even the toiletry bag carries the colour scheme! It's a lovely handy bag with zip fastenings. It has one compartment in the middle which is enough room for the essentials. There is also a handy zip pocket at the front, handy for popping little bits in and maybe a comb.

This gift is perfect for Dad's and Granddad's of any age. You can find this (RRP: £25) and more ideas for Father's Day here.

Tasha x

*I received this product in return for a fair and honest review*

Friday, 9 June 2017

Celebrate Father's Day with bakerdays*

Hi everyone,

Recently I have been in touch with a company called bakerdays. As you may know I have a 6 month old daughter, Darcie. This means it is my partners first Father's day. They offered to send me a Letterbox cake to try. I had the option to personalise my cake to my needs, these were Darcie's name and her picture.

Firstly, I was really impressed with the service. When ordering a cake you can choose what date it will come to you on. I think this is a brilliant feature! My Mum's birthday is in July and I am already thinking about surprising her with a cake delivered to her door. Getting flowers through the post is great but getting cake through the post on a special occasion, that's even better! If you order by 2pm you can still have you cake delivered the next day! Pictured below is how the cake comes delivered to you. The box is sturdy and it came to me with no dents at all.

On opening the box I noticed that the cake had further protection of a tin. I love the extent bakerdays go to make sure your cake is delivered to you intact. This shows that bakerdays show great pride in delivering high quality goods to your door. Not only that, the box also contains some balloons, candles, a little card and a blowout. You then have everything you need to create the prefect atmosphere for a special occasion whether it be at home or in the office. The box also contains a few different cards offering you information on their company. One of the cards inside also tells you who packed and prepared your cake, so thank you Alastair!

I opened the tin to see my lovely cake! I was very impressed that the cake was wrapped up in the tin to assure freshness.

I was so impressed with the colours of the cake and how they are lovely and vibrant. The picture I had chosen of Darcie looked lovely in the frame of the cake. All my personalisation's were correct including Darcie's name. I was so impressed with the look of the cake, the personalisation's and how the cake arrived to me it was time for the all important taste test!

I had chosen a rich chocolate chip cake. You can chose from traditional sponge, rich chocolate chip, lovely lemon drizzle, dairy free, gluten wheat free or fabulous fruit. So there is definitely something for everyone. My first initial thought was the icing was going to be too much for me. I cut my self a slice and I managed to eat all of it including all of the icing. The icing wasn't sickly, it was perfect. The cake itself was rich in flavour and moist, I wanted to eat more. I am actually eating more now as I am writing this post.

Fancy ordering yourself a letterbox cake or any other size cake bakerdays offer (small party cake, medium cake or large cake). Head over to their easy to use website select your size, personalise it and choose your delivery slot. It's that simple. The only it that could be a bit difficult is choosing from the many designs Bakerdays offer, there is definitely something for everyone for every occasion. Not in the UK? That's okay because bakerdays deliver worldwide! Head over to their website to see their delivery information.

Want another way you can try a bakerdays letterbox cake? Myself and bakerdays are giving you the chance to win your own letterbox cake. Enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It would be great if you could also follow myself and bakerdays on Twitter.

Tasha x

*I received this product in return for a fair and honest review*

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Blogger's Beauty Brawl day 4- Makeup Remover

Hi everyone,

We are almost half way through the #BeautyBrawl and today is all about makeup removers.

I will be giving you my view on the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar water. I know I am extremely late with this one but, I actually brought this ages ago in Paris. For some reason I just didn't get round to using it, until now. Here's how I rated it:

Product: As you can probably tell I love this! I rated it 95/100. I honestly don't know why I didn't rate it at 100. I have tried many makeup removers and had different experiences with all of them. This however, does the job quite nicely. I have sensitive, combination skin and this didn't sting or make my face come up blotchy at all. It felt so gentle and left my skin feeling super soft. When removing eye makeup, it didn't sting my eyes like I find some makeup removers tend to do to my eyes. I found this just melted my makeup and I wasn't tirelessly wiping away with a cotton pad. I found this super easy to use, all you have to do is soak the cotton pad in the Bioderma Micellar water and wipe until your makeup is no more. My one regret, leaving it in the back of my draw and not trying it until now.

Packaging: I honestly cannot fault the packaging. I love the fact the product doesn't just run out when you go to put it on to a cotton pad, I like that you have to squeeze the bottle. There are no gimmicks, just nice simple packaging. Unless something happens to the cap or something else happens, I can't see why I wouldn't continue to love this. 100/100 from me!

Price: I found this on the Boots for £10.80. Which I thought compared to similar products on the market is a little pricey. However, I would pay this as I love this a lot.

If you would like to read another makeup remover review, head over to Kara Elizabeth Beauty for more.

What's your favourite makeup remover?

Tasha x

#BeautyBrawl picture credit: Emma Drury

Monday, 5 June 2017

Blogger's Beauty Brawl Day 3- Eyeliner

Hi everyone,

It's day 3 of 10 of #BeautyBrawl! I can honestly say I have been loving doing this!

Today my review will be on the Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner pen in carbon black.

Here is my Top Trump rating for it:

Product: So I rated the Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner at 95/100! So to be honest I couldn't fault this. I love the application, the tip of the pen is a fine point so you can either create thin lines or thicker lines. It's so easy to control, which makes it all the more easier to create your desired effect. I think my favourite thing about the eyeliner is the colour. The black is so intense! The only one thing I will say about this is, give it good time to dry. If it doesn't have enough drying time it is likely to smudge.

Packaging: So I gave it 90/100 for packaging. It comes in a box (which I forgot to take a picture of) and in true Soap & Glory style, it is beautiful. I love the bold writing on the eyeliner itself. The reason I only gave it 90. I don't really need a box for it. So it is just excess packaging I will end up throwing away. as much as I would love to, it will just be too bulky in the draw where I keep eyeliners and mascaras. It is a nice touch though.

Price: I think this eyeliner is great for £6. I think it's a pretty standard price for a high street eyeliner and I would most definitely buy this again. I'm rally looking forward to trying this out some more. You can find this on the Soap & Glory website or in your local Boots store.

Want to read another review? Head to Beauty that walks.

What eyeliner would you recommend?

Tasha x

Credit: Emma Drury

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Summer Blogger's Beauty Brawl '17 Day 2- Brow product

Hi everyone,

It's day 2 of #BeautyBrawl! Today is all about brow products.

I am going to right about the Clever Cat eyebrow powder. This came in my May Dollibox which I will be writing a review on shortly.

Here is what I rated the product:

Product: So I rated it 80. So, I don't own many brow products so I don't have much to compare it to. Out of the few brow products I own and have tested, I like it. I love the feel of the product, it's lovely and smooth. The pigmentation is also pretty good. The reason it didn't score higher is because this isn't the shade for me. That's not no one's fault, I just didn't want to rate it to highly as I can't get the full feel of the product. It is something I may considering purchasing in shade 2 or 3 as this was shade 5. Again, I'm still learning with the whole swatch thing.

Packaging: I actually really like the packaging of this! It feels quite weighty, which I like about products, as I feel that way I am getting a lot for my money. I love the fact it comes in it's own little box to keep it protected. I love the gold colour and the Leopard print packaging and the fact when you shut the lid of the eyebrow powder it clicks shut. The reason why this scored 95/100 for me was because I found it slightly difficult to get out of the box. As I said in my day 1 #BeautyBrawl post (in the packaging section again) this is me nit picking.

Price: I rated this 60/100 as it is £5.26 from Light in the box. Like I said before, I don't own many brow products and don't regularly use them. For this reason, I don't think I would pay this for it. Having said all of this, I do think I would buy this for myself but in a shade to suit me. That way I could definitely decide if it is worth £5.26.

Want to read another brow product review? Head over to Beauty that walks to read more.

What's your favourite brow product?

Tasha x

Photo credit: Emma Drury

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Summer Blogger's Beauty brawl '17 day 1- Liquid Lipstick

Hi everyone,

Today is day 1 of the Blogger's Summer Beauty Brawl '17 (#BeautyBrawl). Today everyone taking part will be reviewing a liquid lipstick.

I will be reviewing MUA's Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in 'Dash'.

Product: I gave the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer a score of 85. So, I actually don't have many complaints about this product. 'Dash' is a lovely plum colour. It has a standard doe-foot applicator and applies nicely. I didn't have any problems with application and I personally didn't find it streaky. I also liked that I could build the colour up. My only complaint would be that it is quite tacky. However, I can't complain about this as I think it is great for the price which I will talk about below.

Packaging: I love the fact it's no fuss packaging. I don't like elaborate packaging, so this for me is a winner. It's sleek, pretty and easy to just pop in your handbag. For this reason, I am giving the packaging 90/100. The only reason I didn't give it a full 100 was because I personally didn't like the feel of it. That's just me nit picking though.

Price: The price is absolutely amazing at £3! I am seriously thinking about getting more. For £3 you can't really go wrong. You can buy the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer from here.

Below is my first ever attempt at a swatch. Also, excuse my hands they are in need of some Aveeno care.

Want to read another product review? Head over to Beauty that walks to read her review on a liquid lipstick. 

Tasha x

Credit: Emma Drury