Wednesday, 31 August 2016

It's a Tasha thing and The Finer Things In Life

Hi everyone,

So you're probably wondering by the title what's going on. Well myself and Dion from The Finer Things In Life ( have decided to do a monthly collaboration.

For now this will happen on the first Friday of every month.

We'd love you guys to get behind us and tell us what you would like to see on these Friday posts, after all these are for you. 

We have thought of the types of posts we would like to do for you which would be advice posts where you send in your questions and we answer them. This could be anything from relationship advice, uni/college/school problems and advice and metal health or physical health problems. The topic will be completely down to you. Think of us as agony aunts.

We will also include posts to do with make-up, beauty and fashion. So if your stuck with finding the perfect lipstick/lipgloss for the date night you're going on, need to know our skincare faves that make us feel great or want advice on what outfit we'd choose for that all important interview, we'll help by answering your questions!

You can always add your name on at the end if you'd like to be named.
This starts tomorrow! We've chosen the first post which is the TMI tag to get to know us that little bit more with well... Too much information!

We look forward to seeing your questions and comments.

Tasha X

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