Sunday, 7 May 2017

Perfect Glasses Review*

Hi everyone,

I had recently been contacted by Perfect Glasses. Perfect Glasses sell prescription (or non prescription) glasses online.

Perfect Glasses offer, designer glasses, prescription sunglasses, Men's and Women's glasses all at great prices.

I was given a budget of £50. My first honest opinion was 'a pair of glasses for £50?! My glasses cost me £175+, surely I can't get a pair for just £50?' Well blow me down, they had a wide range of products for £50 and under! I decided to go for a pair of sunglasses, the nice weather is here (well, when it wants to be) and I need a new pair. I went for the sunglasses pictured below and they are part of the Opium range. You can find my sunglasses here.

I chose to have them without prescription lenses as I couldn't remember/find my prescription. As you can tell from the picture on the website my lenses are a different colour. I asked if I could change the tint of my glasses to red. This was no problem. I thought this would make the glasses take forever to come. However, they came a lot quicker then expected. They also offer free returns should you have any problems and a 'no quibble guarantee'. On feature I love on their website is the 'try it on' feature. I know buying online can be quite scary not knowing how the product will look on you. I struggle buying glasses for my face shape so this is an amazing feature for me. You can even upload a picture of yourself instead of using a model. So overall for service 10/10!

The quality frame itself sturdy and the lenses wipe clean well. That's perfect for me, especially as come the summer I am going to have mucky mitts trying to get hold of them.

I am thinking about buying a back up pair for those 'just in case' moments. Not only that there is a wide variety of styles and I think I want more then one style. I'm also thinking about buying my 'everyday' glasses off of Perfect glasses too.

Here are a few 'everyday' style glasses I like:
Here are a few of my favourite designer 'everyday glasses:
A few of my favourite sunglasses:
A few of my favourite designer sunglasses:

I will update this post with a sunglass selfie, but right now I have a hideous spot on the bridge of my nose. Nothing is covering it, so watch this space for an update.

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Tasha x

*I received this product in return for a fair and honest review*


  1. ow i love these, the glass colour it lovely too!

  2. This is amazing! My last pair of glasses cost me like £300 :,( xx

  3. I don't wear glasses but my partner does and he tells me how expensive glasses are. That's amazing! Can't wait to see your selfie ;)

  4. Oh these are gorgeous! I need new sunbird (especially because of the weather we have been having lately). I got soooo burnt today by the sun! Crazy for Glasgow!

  5. My partner seems to have a million pairs of glasses and he's always losing them! None of them as nearly as trendy or nice as these. They're such a lovely colour and good shape xx

  6. Wow can this brand contact me as well?! I'd love a new pair of glasses and these ones are bloody gorgeous! xo

  7. Oh I love these! So pretty and different

  8. I never really fancied sunnies, but after this post I really need to look into it more!

  9. I love the colour of these sunglasses 😍

  10. What a good price! I've been so eager to buy more glasses lately and I never thought of getting some online!

    Lisa |

  11. I love the tint on them! I've never worn glasses with a colourful tint before!

  12. I love these glasses! The tint is so unique and quirky!

    Steph xx

    Steph’s World | Lifestyle Blog |

  13. These sunglasses look absolutely amazing, I don't have any so I might have look at this brand more x

  14. they're gorgeous x