Sunday, 4 June 2017

Summer Blogger's Beauty Brawl '17 Day 2- Brow product

Hi everyone,

It's day 2 of #BeautyBrawl! Today is all about brow products.

I am going to right about the Clever Cat eyebrow powder. This came in my May Dollibox which I will be writing a review on shortly.

Here is what I rated the product:

Product: So I rated it 80. So, I don't own many brow products so I don't have much to compare it to. Out of the few brow products I own and have tested, I like it. I love the feel of the product, it's lovely and smooth. The pigmentation is also pretty good. The reason it didn't score higher is because this isn't the shade for me. That's not no one's fault, I just didn't want to rate it to highly as I can't get the full feel of the product. It is something I may considering purchasing in shade 2 or 3 as this was shade 5. Again, I'm still learning with the whole swatch thing.

Packaging: I actually really like the packaging of this! It feels quite weighty, which I like about products, as I feel that way I am getting a lot for my money. I love the fact it comes in it's own little box to keep it protected. I love the gold colour and the Leopard print packaging and the fact when you shut the lid of the eyebrow powder it clicks shut. The reason why this scored 95/100 for me was because I found it slightly difficult to get out of the box. As I said in my day 1 #BeautyBrawl post (in the packaging section again) this is me nit picking.

Price: I rated this 60/100 as it is £5.26 from Light in the box. Like I said before, I don't own many brow products and don't regularly use them. For this reason, I don't think I would pay this for it. Having said all of this, I do think I would buy this for myself but in a shade to suit me. That way I could definitely decide if it is worth £5.26.

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What's your favourite brow product?

Tasha x

Photo credit: Emma Drury


  1. I'm afraid I know nothing about eyebrow products but I found your review very helpful and informative in what to look for in an eyebrow product. Great review xx

  2. I am in LOVE with the packaging! It reminds me of my wee bengal cat, Milo. I would totally buy this product purely for the packaging!!! Xoxox

  3. This looks nice but it's very dark! x

  4. Brow products are the best & that packaging is awesome! xx

  5. This does look like quite a dark shade but i think it would be great in a lighter shade and I really like the packaging x

  6. I love the packaging. I think for the price it sounds good to try.

    Steph xx

  7. Ohhh I love a smokey eye look, this would be perfect for going out!

  8. I love the packaging. But I've never hear of this brand before. I normally stray away from powder products for brows as they can get a bit smudgy.

  9. I'm like you - I need more brow products in my life! Great review.

    Lisa |

  10. Ooohh I love the packaging on this, love a good brow product!

  11. Love this packaging, looks like a great product too!