Saturday, 27 January 2018

How to prepare and do well in an interview

Hi everyone,

So just over a week ago I put a tweet out saying how I got a new job and asked if any one would like to see a post on going for job interviews.

I thought I would make this post as I stated in the tweet I have never not been offered a job after going for a job interview. I mean, I have always had good advice from my Dad (thanks Dad) and he taught me most things about going for an interview. So, I thought I would share ways I have leant to prepare for a job interview and doing well in the interview.

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1. Research and preparation:

Firstly, what sort of interview are you going for? Is it a one on one or a group Interview. Are you going to be interviewed by more than one person? They might even want to Skype call you or interview you by telephone. There are loads of different ways to be interviewed. So, what I suggest is find out how they will be interviewing you and prepare for that particular style. For example, if you are being interviewed by more than one person they are going to be able to bounce questions off of one another. Or, they other person might think of a question off of what you have said that the other didn't think of. Skype calls and telephone calls are less formal but you still need to make a good first impression whether they can see you or not. Group interviews for me are the hardest, as not only have you got to make a good first impression, you have to constantly outshine the others in your group.

Make sure you prepare all your documents and qualifications that you need to bring to show to your potential employee.

The next thing to consider is the company you are being interviewed to work for. Research the company. When were they founded? What's the company's biggest achievement? What services do they provide? Do they have any policies and procedures? Find out what you can that is relevant to the company you are going for an interview with. You're not going to seem like a 'know-it-all', you're going to come across like you want the job and you're passionate. Another bit of research you can do is, look at what previous or current employees say about working there. Indeed have a tab dedicated to people reviewing their place of work which you can find here. That way you can get a feel of what people that have worked for the company think about it. Take what they say lightly though, as everyone's experience is different.

Taking the above into consideration. Make notes, use revision cards, do what works best for you. You could even get someone to give you a few quick fire questions so you can be extra prepared.

The last point I will make on the research and preparation point is, where are you going to? Do you know exactly where you are going? If not I would suggest finding the place a few days before your interview. The last thing you want is to get lost and be late. Another point to note is be there 10/15 minutes before. Give yourself time to relax. Not only that it shows you have good time keeping skills. Don't be there to early though, they have given you that time slot for a reason. That's why 10/15 minutes is a good time frame.

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2. Dressing

So you know what you're being interviewed for, dress for the occasion. Keep in mind you want to stay smart, tidy and clean. You also want to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. If you have long hair, maybe tie it neatly back. Do you wear makeup? Maybe put a little on. Nothing too much just something subtle and that looks nice. Unless you are going for the role of a makeup artist, you then might want to do something a little more stand out but keeping it classy. Remember, how they see you now, what your wearing, your personal hygiene, that's there first impression. Personally, for the type of interviews I go for, you can never go wrong with a pair of black trousers and a smart looking top/blouse.

3. At the interview

So you're here. You're ready to do what you can to get the job. Remember body language is everything. Shak their hand on entrance and when you're leaving. Keep good posture when you are sitting down with them or walking around. Don't shrug your shoulders or cross your arms. If you don't know what you do with your hands or arms, place them by your sides or place them on your lap. 

When you're there listen and ask questions when you need to. Asking questions is good as it shows your listening and interested in the job role. Take in your surroundings and ask any questions if you have them on things going on.

Also, remember to voice your goals and targets. Where do you want to be in 10 years time? What qualifications or training might they offer that they can help you with? Always keep a goal in mind.

The last things I will say to you are, remember no two interviews are the same. So you may need to adapt some of these pointers to work for you. There may be more things you can think of doing. Last thing is to remember to take a deep breath and relax.

I hope this helps and if you're reading this and have an upcoming interview, good luck!

Tasha x


  1. Such a great and helpful post for anyone that needs interview advice xxx

  2. im rubbish at interviews, i'm definitely going to be coming back to this post for my next interview!

  3. I'm absolutely rubbish in all kinds of interviews haha! I don't know, maybe it's the Finnish habit and not knowing how to speak highly of ourselves. Thank you for these tips, they're wonderful :-)

    lots of love, Jasmin

  4. This is such a helpful post! I always get so nervous before interviews so preparing well and doing my research helps to put my mind at rest! The importance of dressing the part can’t be understated either, looking professional makes a positive impression before you even open your mouth! Congrats on your new job and thanks for sharing this golden advice!

    Abbey ❤️

  5. This is such a great post and so important! People often don't prepare at all for interviews, drives me nuts!

  6. I agree with research and preparation especially. I honestly think it's the main reason I've always been successful in all of my interviews. They always seemed impressed!
    Great post and I hope you enjoy your new job! Xx

    The Frugal Frenchie