Monday, 30 May 2016

Itsatashathing: an app called Vinted

Hi everyone,

Today I want to talk to you about an app called vinted. This can be downloaded from the apple and android app stores. You don't have to download the app as you can use it via a computer.

Vinted is an app where you can buy, sell and swap clothes. A little while ago vinted introduced being able to sell men's clothing, children's clothing, intimates and beauty products. I love Vinted as you can list for free and you will only get charged a small selling fee if you sell an item.

I have been on Vinted for over a year now and have sold, brought and swapped many items. I currently have a total of 77 items for sale. There are a large community one the site of what we call 'Vinties'. The Vinted community is lovely and you talk to one another via the forums.

Forums have different categories where you can create discussions about different topics. There is also a people and relationships category where you can seek advice from the community anonymously. 

My username is tashah.

I will go through a few things you can see on the app:

-Favourite items: favourite items (as you can see I have many) means when you like an item but may not have the money for it or want to explore other items, it gets put there so you can go back to it later. It's a bit like making a wish list.

-Personalisation: pretty self explanatory. Here you can change your size preferences, brands you like and follow and 'Vinties' you follow.

-Balance: again self explanatory. Here you can see when transactions have gone through how much you can withdraw or spend on Vinted. You can also see you pending balance from transactions you have made and are waiting for others to receive.

-My orders: here you can keep track of items you have sold or items you are waiting to receive.

-Bundle discount: bundle discount is a great incentive for other 'Vinties'. If you have this turned on (like I do) if someone has seen multiple items they like they can ask to do a bundle. They will then receive it at your discounted price. Discounts can be as little as 5% and as great as 50%.

-Invite friends and find friends: you can invite friends through email, Twitter or Facebook and find friends through Facebook and you mobiles address book.

-Holiday mode: if you are going away for a few days and won't be able to send items you can switch this on to avoid making people unhappy. You can even just switch this on if you want a break from selling items.

At the bottom which you can't see are settings, about Vinted and help centre.

Vinted also have their own social media accounts including a blog. (UK sites).

Vinted blog:

Vinted Twitter: @vinteduk

Vinted Instagram: @vinteduk

Personally I love Vinted and have brought many lovely items. Have you got Vinted? If so share your usernames and purchases below.

Tasha X

(P.S don't forget about my big announcement on Friday!)

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