Saturday, 18 June 2016

Itsatashathing: The life in letters tag

Hi everyone,

It's my last day on holiday and I'm feeling the holiday blues already. It's been a lovely couple of weeks away and I've really enjoyed my time here in Tenerife. We're already planning to come back again, hopefully with a third member. 

I found the life in letters tag from dainty and Ivory (I've linked her blog below). So I  thought why not challenge myself to do it. So here it is:

A is for Aron, my boyfriend who is my world and I couldn't live without (also daddy to be).

B is for blanket. If I'm on the sofa watching TV, reading a book or doing a kriss cross puzzle, I feel naked without a blanket on. B could also be for blog as I am loving finding new things to write about.

C is for cake! I love cake! Chocolate, Victoria sponge cake, cupcakes or just any cake makes me happy.

D is for dogs. Dogs have to be one of my favourite animals.

E is for elevator. In the UK we call it a lift but I couldn't think of another one for E and I am petrified of them.

F is for family. I am a very family orientated person. I love my family and wouldn't be where I am today without them.

G is for glasses. I have to wear glasses for many different things but I never wear them. I really should as I can tell my eyes are getting worse.

H is for Harry Potter. I couldn't not put this in being the big fan I am.

I is for ice cream. I love ice cream in particular Ben and Jerry's.

J is for Jack Wills. I love this shop and have done for years. 

K is for kinder. I love kinder chocolate especially kinder eggs and kinder Bueno (I'm a big kid).

L is for listener. I like to think I am a good listener and I think I am good at giving advice.

M is for MAC. MAC is my favourite brand of makeup. I'm planning on going back to have another make over done. Or M could be for makeup in general!

N is for Nutella! I love this stuff! I would have Nutella on everything if I could.

O is for observe. I don't think I do this enough. I don't think I sit there and just take in what's around me. Things change to quickly and things get replaced or taken away. So I need to start taking a step back and observe my surroundings some more.

P is for pregnant. I am currently in my second trimester and I'm feeling okay. I'm planning on doing a pregnancy update soon but (touch wood) I haven't had any sickness since my very early stages.

Q is for quilt cover. I love buying new covers, I always find lovely ones in Primark.  

R is for reading. I love to read and I'm always on the look out for a good book. Let me know your favourite or what you're reading now, I like to read any genre.

S is for strawberries, my absolute favourite fruit and one of my cravings during my pregnancy.

T is for time. As I'm getting older (says the 20 year old) I'm stating to realise just how precious time is and that there isn't a lot of it.

U is for up. The way things are going. 

V is for Victoria's Secret. I spend way too much time in this shop, so many pretty things.

W is for winter. I love winter getting to wrap up in jumpers and scarfs. But the best bit about winter is Christmas, my favourite time of the year. Not to mention our baby will be here in time for Christmas this year. 

X is for X-Ray. I have had X-Ray's on my knees, mouth, wrist and ankles.

Y is for yes. A word I either say too much or not enough.

Z is for Zara. My new favourite shop. I brought a couple of bits on holiday and will show them in a haul post.

Some of the letters I really struggled to find something for but I made it and if you've made it to here thank you and comment 'I made it' so you can show you are a trooper!

Tasha x

( Dainty and ivorys blog

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