Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Itsatashathing: OOTN last night in Tenerife

Hi everyone,

A little OOTN for you today as I'm now back off of holiday. I haven't had the best of days since being back as I'm not feeling great. So I thought that with my spare time I would do this OOTN post. 

Sunday was our last evening in Tenerife and what better way to end a lovely two week break with a pretty dress. (Excuse the pictures they where a couple of on the spot selfies).

So this dress is one of my absolute favourites! This black and white dress is by Jones and Jones. These dresses are perfect for every occasion. 

I found out about Jones and Jones a little while ago when I ordered a cream Jones and Jones dress off of Vinted. I feel in love with them so much I went on a hunt to find as many as I could. 

I own three Jones and Jones dresses now. They are all in the 'Poppy' design. I have the one I am wearing in the photo, the cream one I spoke about and a red one. The dresses themselves our lovely! A beautiful lace top with a pretty Peter Pan style collar. The skirt of the dress is lined which makes it a perfectly full girly school. 

I had a look online and sadly they no longer stock the black and white one. However they have one in the 'Poppy' design which is similar but all black and it's just as gorgeous (I have to say I want this one to add to my collection). Find it here on the Jones and Jones website: http://tinyurl.com/hzkhtm8They do many other lovely dresses so have a browse of their site.

I paired it with my white ballet pumps which I brought from Primark specifically for my holiday. I also tied my hair up and pinned my little black bow I brought from Forever 21. 

Find the bow here on Forever 21's website (they also do lovely colours): http://tinyurl.com/hbvp9t9

I couldn't find the shoes on primarks website but they have ones exactly the same on M and M direct: http://tinyurl.com/hn5qcyf

Tasha X

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