Friday, 14 April 2017

How to make Easter nest cakes with a hint of Nutella

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my first food post! For my first post is something great to make over this weekend (and super easy to make with children). I am going to show you how to make Easter nest cakes.

Here's what they will look like:

I rate these an EASY make and suitable to make with children.

Prep/cook time: 15mins

Total time: 2hrs15mins

Equipment you will need:

  • A cupcake tin
  • A heatproof bowl
  • A saucepan
  • A rolling pin (or similar)
  • A mixing spoon
  • Scales
  • 2x teaspoons
  • A sandwich bag (optional)
  • Cupcake cases
Ingredients you will need:

  • 250g Milk Chocolate
  • 4 Shredded Wheat
  • Mini eggs
  • Nutella (optional)

*Don't forget to wash your hands*

1. Using your scales and heatproof bowl measure 250grams of chocolate. For reference I am using Dr Oetker fine cooks' milk chocolate 35%. Also, take your cupcake cases and place one in each hole of your cupcake tin.

2. Take your sandwich bag and place all of your Shredded Wheat inside. Use your rolling pin to crush the Shredded Wheat. TOP TIP: Using a sandwich bag helps keep the washing up to a minimum as you can keep it in the bag until it is needed at step 4. It also creates stops the Shredded Wheat from flying everywhere.

3. Time to melt the chocolate. You can melt it in the microwave but I feel it impairs the taste and the chocolate can split. So for this reason, I will be using the bain-marie method. For this, take your saucepan and fill it half way with water. Place it on the hob/stove and bring to a simmer. Now you'll need to get the bowl of chocolate and place it in the saucepan. It will need to fit like the picture below. Keep stirring the chocolate until it has fully melted. After it has melted, remove the saucepan from the heat and remove the bowl from the sauce pan. *Remember the bowl will be hot!*

4. Take the bag of crushed Shredded Wheat and pour into the bowl of melted chocolate. Stir together until the Shredded Wheat is fully coated in chocolate.

5. Now you will need your cupcake tin with the cupcake cases already in them. Take your spoon and spoon the mixture evenly into the cases. You can use a teaspoon to help slide the mixture into the cupcake cases.

6. Now for the messy part! With clean hands, make a well with your fingers in the middle of the nest cakes ready for the Mini eggs and the optional Nutella.

7. This step is optional. With your teaspoons, spoon a little Nutella into the well you just made. This will act as a kind of glue for the Mini eggs and it's just because I love Nutella!

8. Now you can place 2 Mini eggs into the centre of each nest cake. There will be some Mini eggs left over at the end of this step to eat later.

9. You will need to create a space for the tray on a shelf in your fridge. Place the tin into the fridge and leave to set for 2 hours or until they have set (the cakes have hardened). This is an ideal time to eat those left over Mini eggs from the previous step whilst you are waiting for your Easter nest cakes.

10. All that's left to do now is take the Easter nest cakes out of the fridge and eat them! Enjoy!

I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend! What are your plans for the weekend?

Tasha x


  1. This is wonderful and so cute! I am so going to have to try this for my family this weekend! I'm doing a big get together to have a meal on Easter Sunday. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  2. These look incredible ! I'm gunna make cornflake nests today 😍🌈🐰 x

  3. This looks delicious and takes me back to my childhood! Easter baking is so much fun x

    Lisa |

  4. Omg these look amazing! I want one (or two, or three...) I was laughing at the 'suitable for children' bit as this is probably about the length my baking skills would go! I can't bake or cook to save myself! I loved this and you done fabulous for this being your first food post! Marvellous! Please do more!

    Charlene McElhinney

  5. These are so super cute!! Definitely going to give them a go at some point!!


  6. Aah these looks so yummie!! I want to try and make them, but I'm not sure if I'm patient enough haha

  7. I love making these, a must at easter time!

  8. I need to make these: easter is the BEST for recipes!

  9. I'm drooling! This looks so good and although I don't celebrate easter I'd still have a go at this! Thanks for sharing this recipe Tasha ^_^ xo

  10. These look lovely-I shall have to try!

  11. These look really tasty! I'll have to see if I can get my hands on some mini eggs and give them a go!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  12. I used to make these sort of cakes all the time when I was younger 🙈 They're so yummy 😍

  13. They look so yummy! Got to love Easter cakes

  14. These look amazing! I usually make cornflake nests but never thought of trying shredded wheat. I'm totally gonna have to give these a go!
    Claire xo

  15. I love making these cakes at easter!
    Fab post lovely

    Love, Melissa x

  16. This is such a cute post! I used to make these with my family when I was a child and I don't think I've ever made them with nutella ever x

  17. They look so yummy! These remind me of being a young child and being excited to make them :)

  18. I have never made nest cakes this way, but they look amazing and delicious! I can't wait to try this recipe.

    Steph xx

    Steph's World | Lifestyle Blog |

  19. These look delicious! I've never tried making Easter cakes with shredded wheat, I've always used rice krispies or cornflakes xx

    Danielle Levy | Liverpool Lifestyle Blog

  20. Yum! Thanks for sharing this tasty treat! ^-^ x

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