Wednesday, 12 April 2017

March blog and YouTube favourites 2017

Hi everyone,

I've been wanting to do this for a while now but I have been so swamped with everything else. I also know we're well into April now, but better late than never.

Frist up is Claire!

A bit about Claire: 'I'm Claire, 21 year old from Glasgow! I'm super new to blogging but have always loved writing and sharing my experiences with others. I love animals, makeup and all things crafty and love to meet new people!' Claire blogs over at and you can find her Twitter here. I love Claire's style of writing. I love reading her posts even her posts on university, as I didn't go I don't know what it's like. Claire's posts on university are a great insight and a lot of people relate to them. I definitely recommend checking Claire's blog out. I have recently enjoyed Claire's A-Z of self care post and she is looking for contributions towards this.

Next up is Charlene.

A bit about Charlene 'I'm Charlene McElhinney. A 20 year old blogger & aspiring blogger from Glasgow, Scotland. I also created and run #beechat twice a week which is an online community that hosts twitter chats twice a week, a snail mail campaign & promotes people's work. I'm a professional writing student in the creative industries and have a huge passion for writing. I'm a cat lover, a mental health advocate, a massive fan of Coronation Street and an avid reader. I love people watching and getting to know new individuals. The world is full of unique individuals and that's what makes it so precious!' Charlene blogs over at and also has a YouTube channel CharleneMcElhinney. Charlene is a great writer and also has her own poetry book on Amazon. I have recently been enjoying her Easter Break series. Find her on Twitter here.

Steph from Steph's World is next.

About Steph: 'I am a Lifestyle Blogger from West Midlands who blogs mostly about Beauty, Theatre, Days Out Activities, Baking, Monthly Favourites and anything in between. I have been blogging for about a year now and love to collaborate on posts and also be a guest blogger as well as hosting guest blogger series on my blog.' Steph's blog is lovely and easy to read. I have recently enjoyed her London Photo Diary post as it has made me want to take a trip into London. Find her on Twitter here.

Time for Single Vegas Girl.

A little about Single Vegas Girl: 'I'm a girl testing all the dating apps while living in Vegas and blogging about it at a friend's suggestion.' Her post's will either leave you laughing at what goes on the sights or thinking 'what just happened?!' as there is some completely weird and wonderful things that happen to her, especially the Tinder Barney is a dinosaur post. I enjoyed this one as it left me thinking about the character from my childhood on Tinder. Find her on Twitter here.

Next up is Aqy.

Aqy blogs over at and also has a YouTube channel here. Here's a bit about Aqy: 'I'm a fashion and lifestyle blogger who enjoys sharing her personal style on the world wide web.' Aqy offers great posts on outfits she puts together. I love the fact that at the end of the month she also puts together a photo diary, like this one I liked of March. Find her on Twitter here.

On to Leah.

Here is a little about Leah 'I'm 19 years old with a 6 month old baby', Leah blogs over at Leah blogs about everything from, motherhood to Mental Health. Leah puts great posts together and I really enjoyed this moving post of Leah's all about being Housebound. Find her on Twitter here.

Next up, Lola Mia.

Lola Mia blogs over at and also has a YouTube channel here. A bit about Lola Mia: 'I am a food and lifestyle blogger documenting my journey to a healthier lifestyle with chronic knee pain.' Lola Mia's food and the places food she visits makes my mouth water! I loved the look of her Triple Chocolate coconut pancakes. Find her on Twitter here.

Katie from is up next.

A bit about Katie: 'I'm a lifestyle/student blogger living in Glasgow and blogging my thoughts and experiences as I try to travel the road to being a "real adult" because no, 21 years old is not really an adult. I love doing absolutely anything so if I do anything new it'll probably appear on my blog within a few days!' I loved reading her Lanzarote mini break as it brought back memories for me when I went at a young age. Find her on Twitter here.

Next up is Jordan from

A little about Jordan: 'College student aspiring to be a journalist one day, coffee-addict, travel guru, and fashion stylist to many.' Jordan's blog is all about lifestyle and beauty. This is one particular post I enjoyed of Jordan's Travel Tuesday Walt Disney World.  have always wanted to go to Disney World and posts like these make me want to go even more! Find her on Twitter here.

Next up is Francesca Sophia.

Francesca Sophia is a YouTuber over on her channel, Francesca Sophia. Here's a bit about her: 'I'm newbie YouTuber who tries to keep it all real - vlogging my redundancy, talking about how your bra fits, everything I can!' Her video on Why Job Hunting Sucks couldn't be more real. I also love the fact she says it how it is! Find her on Twitter here.

On to The Frugal Teen.

A bit about the Frugal Teen: 'Money and lifestyle blogger who is giving YouTube a go! I love psychology as well as money saving and getting to know new people.' I love her Chatty Video, I love chatty style video's and as it says in the title this is just that. She also has a blog over at Find her on Twitter here.

Last but by no means least Sophia.

Sophia blogs over at A bit about Sophia: 'I'm Malaysian & I can't wait to travel around the world. I'd Probably settle down in Edinburgh or Brighton.' I love here posts on covers like this one: This week music 4. I love finding new people to listen to and her posts provide just that. Find her Twitter here.

If you would like to be in my April round up complete the form below and pick one of your posts or videos you have created in April. I will be picking 5 from the form this time.

Tasha x


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