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Itsatashathing: Blogmas 2016 Day 4: Stocking fillers for her

Hi everyone,

Quick baby update... still no sign. On to day 4...

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Stocking fillers for her

So I have devised a list of things that my Mum would put in a stocking for me. Yes I'm 20 years of age and I still get a stocking, anyone else? Best part of Christmas is a stocking. My Mum usually puts stuff in there that will last me and that way I don't have to buy the stuff for myself.
  • Underwear. I don't think a stocking is complete without a novelty pair of socks and knickers.
  • Body sprays/splashes. I love getting Charlie, Impulse, So...? etc. in my stocking.
  • Mini perfumes. You can get some cute miniature sets from Boots, Superdrug, the perfume shop etc. 
  • A Christmas teddy. My Mum is a sucker for a teddy and I usually find one or two in my stocking.
  • Chocolate and sweets. A stocking from my point of view can never have enough chocolate and what's a stocking without chocolate coins?
  • Razors or wax strips. Practical and saves me buying some for a while.
  • To link to that, shaving foam.
  • Dry shampoo. I usually find 3 or 4 bottles in mine and dry shampoo always comes in handy!
  • Pyjamas. Same with the underwear, novelty ones are the best.
  • Lip balms. From Nivea to novelty (seriously Christmas is all about novelty right?) you can never have enough.
  • In the picture below I received a tangle teezer and I love it!
  • Facial wash/scrub.
  • Facial Wipes.
  • Face creams.
  • Her favourite pieces of make up.
  • Makeup brushes.
  • Storage for make up and brushes.
  • Jewellery.
  • For the over 18s/21s (depending on the legal age in your country) miniature bottles of their favourite wine or spirit.
  • A money box (as seen in picture below in front of the Guylian chocolates).
  • The year I received this stocking below my Mum put in some hot chocolate from Whittard. I believe it was rocky road flavoured.
  • A gift voucher.
  • Nail varnish.
  • Slippers.
  • Joke items.
  • Keying's.
  • Candles or reed diffusers.
  • Lush bath/shower products.
  • Surprise her with a ring? For those of you looking to pop the question, place it at the bottom of her stocking so just when she thinks it can't get any better... it gets 100x better.

Christmas, Blogmas, Blogmas 2016, Winter
A stocking my Mum made up for me

QOTD: What do you like getting in your stocking?

Tasha x

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