Monday, 7 November 2016

Itsatashathing: #AlphaBlogBites Day 7: G is for...

Hi everyone,

November is going steady at the moment, how does it feel for you? I guess I am just getting more and more impatient waiting for little one to arrive.

Any way today's letter is G and it's for...

Another one where you could have so many things to talk about.

One gift that I am giving is the gift of life. I know a lot of my blog posts I have mentioned my little one but honestly I cannot wait to meet her and share our journey. Words cannot explain my excitement. Obviously the time is drawing nearer and I am starting to feel a bit nervous, but that is to be expected.

QOTD: What's the best gift you have given or received?

Tasha x

Me Becoming Mum

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  1. Best gift ever received was my grandads old cardigans and sweaters when he passed away! Hope all is going well with the pregnancy 💜 great post made me think and get all nostalgic.

    Robyn Sparkles