Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Itsatashathing: Perfect Pretty Pearls

Hi everyone,

So a bit of an impromptu post today.

I have been speaking to my boyfriends sister today and she has had a very exciting delivery!

She is starting up her own Perfect Pretty Pearls UK (Facebook like page), Perfect Pretty Pearls UK Group.

Lisa also has a NuSkin page Lisa's NuYou Health and Beauty. She has many reviews about products she has sent to customers over the last 9 or so months.

So if you haven't heard of them before they sell jewellery where you get to pick your oyster and pendent of your choice. The colour of the pearl inside the oyster is unknown! So it will be a complete surprise when you order one. Prices start from £37.50-£47.50 depending on your chosen pendant. The necklaces are sterling silver.

perfect pretyy pearls UK
Sterling Silver Necklace

To prove they are real oysters here is a picture I took earlier when she received them!

perfect pretty pearls
Real Oyster!

Tonight at around 7pm GMT she will be hosting a live Facebook chat along with Tina! This will be where you can buy your oyster and necklace and you can choose to have a live opening, or open it yourself later). As I mentioned above the colour pearl in the oyster is completely unknown, which I think is part of the excitement. As an added bonus some of these oysters are known to have twin pearls in them! Meaning you get 2 pearls! Some of the pendants fit more then one pearl so you can buy additional oysters at £10.99 each. **Shipping costs vary depending on your location and if you just buy an oyster compared to buying the pendant as well.**

I cannot wait to get one! If you check out her Facebook pages you can see many more pictures on there! I will be watching and I hope to see you watching too! (If you do tune in say this is where you were sent from!) If you can't make tonight she will also be hosting on Thursday as well.

Don't forget to like and add yourself to:

Perfect Pretty Pearls UK Like Page (If you like and share their page for every share you make will be one entry into their prize giveaway at the end of November! This will be a chance to win a necklace and pearl! Don't forget to comment when you've entered!)

Perfect Pretty Pearls UK Group

More information on the above.

Tasha x

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