Monday, 24 October 2016

Itsatashathing: #Blogtober16 Day 24: Which Disney character am i most like?

Hi everyone,

So today has another difficult question I'm not to sure how to answer this.

I love so many Disney characters and I think I could relate to them all in so many different ways.

I'm going to say Cinderella. We both have fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Cinderella is kind to everyone and I hope that's what I am as well. She has a friendly nature which is what I believe I have.

Cinderella also believes in her dreams and finds a way to go after them. I am very much like that, I have dreams and I want to find ways to go after my dreams. So maybe someday the dreams I wish can come true.

I also wish I had a fairy godmother like Cinderella does. Imagine how amazing that would be?!

My mum also used to call me Cinderella or 'Cinderelly' when I was younger.

QOTD: What Diseny character would you like to be and why?

Tasha x

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  1. Very interesting Natasha! Isn't it hard to choose just one Disney character? They all seem too perfect though really. To answer your question I would say I'm similar to Snow White because she seems a little shy and sweet at the same time. Keep up the Blogtober posts, love them!


    1. It was hard to! I was debating picking more than one. That's who my boyfriend compared me to when I asked him, however, his reasoning behind it was: I'm scared of everything and he's the seven dwarfs running around after me 🙈

      Thanks for reading

      Tasha x