Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Itsatashathing: #Blogtober16 Day 4: A secret about me

Hi everyone,

It's day 4! Todays post is to share a secret about yourself.

Now I don't have many secrets about me. So I guess I'll just list some facts/truths about me.

  1. I don't like coffee but I like coffee flavoured things e.g. coffee cake. How this works I don't know.
  2. I really don't like being an only child. Quite frankly it sucks. If you have a problem and scared to tell your Mum or Dad, who have you got to turn to? You hear all the stories of what people used to do with their siblings and sometimes I do get a little jealous as I don't have any memories like that.
  3. I am banned from colouring my hair. No bleaching, no highlights, no nothing. I would make the whole of my family upset. For some reason they love and are proud of my hair colour.
  4. I also don't like apple crumble or apple pie. I think its warm cooked fruits I don't like and this time of the year that's all there seems to be. I love the smell, just not the taste. I really do not like the fact I don't like them. I would love to sit all wrapped up with a slice of apple pie and custard, instead for me it's just the custard (or I have to be the awkward one and have some alternative).
  5. When I'm ill I don't follow the rules of 'eat plain foods' and when people say 'eat dry toast and crackers'. Not for me I'm afraid. So I eat what I want, if it makes me worse more fool me but if I want something I'll have it.
So not really secrets but a few truths about me.

QOTD: What secret would you share?

Tasha x

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  1. I wish I'd left my hair a natural colour when i was younger, I'm never satisfied with it now xD I'm with you on the whole cooked fruit thing too! xx

    1. I thought I had to be the only person with the fruit thing! So glad I'm not! I'd love to do something different with my hair though

      Tasha xx